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Buck Ridge Grooming & Trimming Set™: All Natural Beard and Body Care Gift Sets

Black Oliver

Buck Ridge Grooming & Trimming Set™: All Natural Beard and Body Care Gift Sets

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Need a gift that is all-natural, good for skin and beard that smells great, and comes with free priority shipping? We've got you covered! Our All Natural Beard and Body Care Gift Sets include a 4-ounce bar of handmade soap, 2-ounce bottle of beard oil, 2 ounce tin of beard balm, 6-ounce bottle of beard wash, and a beard comb and beard brush set in a cotton muslin bag. 

All of the sets match in scent so you have a complete beard and body care set that keeps your skin and beard in top shape and makes you smell incredible! Just choose your favorite scent or even get a completely unscented version for those who can't handle scents in their body and beard care products! No weird chemicals, dyes, or artificial colors. No parabens, Non-GMO, food-grade oils, RSPO certified palm oil (sustainable)!  

It will give you the perfect trimming experience. A solid natural double-side comb can help you manage your beard and evenly apply the beard balm. The brush made of natural bamboo and wild boar bristles can remove dead skin effectively. Sharp medical-grade stainless steel scissors can shape your beard easier. Shaper template ensures your beard, mustache, or goatee can be trimmed and styled with ease.

Made in the USA.  All Natural. Never animal tested! Non-GMO. No parabens. No sulfates!