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Our Story

Turtle Green Finds is on a mission to save the planet EARTH from single-use plastics, one product, one hack, or one tip at a time. While saving your wallet from unnecessary recurring purchases.

Turtle Green Finds assures every time No-plastic Packaging policy on our side, whilst offering you the option to offset your shipment carbon footprint [planting trees for as little as 2$ added to your cart] powered by our reputed partners CarbonClick©.

We firmly believe that everybody should have access to a wide range of reusable/eco-friendly products at an affordable price point within everybody’s reach.

We aim to build a contagious movement around environmental-conscious human-beings, putting nature ahead of our desires is no longer an option, rather a necessity.

That said, all of our products are fine selected upon extensive research to ensure our inventory offers nothing but high-quality products that goes hand in hand with aspirations.

Our core beliefs revolve around offering excellent customer experience, product quality, and overall satisfaction throughout our community's journey on our platform.

In the end, It's worth highlighting the notion that - there is no planet B - Therefore, we got to take matters into our own hands and become responsible for mother EARTH well-being by shopping sustainably, learning simple yet life-changing eco-friendly hacks/tips, and turn our lifestyle around saving our descendants future.