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Staycations, Home Entertaining and Other Ways to Make Your Entertainment Dollar Stretch in Style

Staycations, Home Entertaining and Other Ways to Make Your Entertainment Dollar Stretch in Style

People are just staying a little closer to home these days. The high price of gasoline certainly has something to do with it, but since everything else is so expensive, people are looking for ways to avoid spending their dwindling entertainment budget. Home entertaining fits this bill very well, if you're smart about it.

On the other hand, discovering your home town is also a lot of fun. Most people live in cities that they've only seen a limited part of. This is especially true for people who have recently moved to a new area or have highly stressful jobs that keep them working long hours.

The key to having a relaxing staycation is to do your home entertaining without worry from the usual things that bother you. For instance, with the money you save, you can still host a nice party and hire someone else to do the cleaning up. For many who stay home, it takes a certain amount of effort to not jump in and take care of cleaning projects and home improvements that have been put of for some time.

Since this is a vacation, it's essential that your turn off your devices that connect you to the office, too. Unplug the phone if you have to. Romantic staycations are best served by avoiding home entertaining altogether and focusing on just yourselves.

Of course, over holiday weekends, home entertaining is quite pleasurable, with many home barbecues getting their yearly workout. To make your party planning really ecologically friendly, make it a neighborhood block party, so your guests don't have to travel across town to get there.

Taking some time to take in the sites of your city can even include spending a night in a local hotel, just for a change of pace. If you want to stay in your own bed, you might want to consider spending an afternoon at a local day spa, then stopping at a local bistro for a light dinner, al fresco.

Many people who choose to spend their vacations at home cite the unpleasantness of air travel as being just as important to their decision as the cost of air travel. For those with children, not having to hear antsy voices from the backseat is also an added benefit. Older people who have difficulty traveling can often have a better time near home than heading off to some exotic location.

Even with the money you save on spending your vacation at home, there are still some ways to save money when you host functions at home. It is becoming more fashionable to have pot luck parties where everyone signs up to bring a dish. This often leaves you only having to provide beverages. The same can be said for getting a keg versus having your guests each bring a bottle for a cocktail party. This way you only need to supply mixers, garnishes and ice.

During a downturn, home entertaining doesn't have to be something you fall back on. They tend to be quite enjoyable affairs, and can give you a chance to meet your neighbors. Since you'll be staying at home, you can really go all out and make some dishes you've been meaning to try. Now that you've got the time, you can be creative.

Home entertaining during a staycation can also engage your children. One alternative is to have relatives with children come visit you for an extended stay. Aside from forging a life-long bond between young cousins, you can get the kids out of your hair so you can enjoy the company of your close relations.

No matter your reasons for wanting to stay closer to home during your vacation, it will certainly do your productivity good to spend some time away from the office and just relax. You may relax best when taking in all the local sights or simply doing nothing, but it should be significantly different from what you do in your everyday life ñ otherwise it's just a few days off.

It can take a bit of initiative, and party planning can be a good way to accomplish this. Home entertaining can be a wonderful part of a staycation ñ just make sure you're actually taking the time you need to enjoy and refresh yourself.

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