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A different approach to Recycling, Folks, get introduced Upcycling

If you're an eco-worrier than you you definitely familiar with recycling, well, how about Upcycle?

In recent years, there has been a new term to describe the way that some people are able to turn items that would otherwise go to waste into something useful by the application of creativity. This can be something that is purely artistic, or something simply useful when applied to a project that wasn't the original use of the object.

This can be something as simple as taking recycled paint and using it to adorn an old piece of furniture, or even making very expensive and finely wrought quilts from old scraps of clothes that have otherwise worn out. There are free and nearly free items to be found all over the place. Online lists of free and bartered items such as craigslist and yahoo local are one of the best resources for finding items.

Jewelry is one of the fastest growing areas of this trend, with everything from old scrabble tiles to bits of old metal being made into fashionable adornments. This new take on an old craft has been especially well used by young artists and anyone crafty that is looking for an artistic outlet and possible second income stream.


Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Another word for upcycling that has been in use by some who concentrate on clothing and accessories is "Trashion" Recycled and a very common term among the new breed of crafters that want to make their art sustainable and affordable.

Moreover, trends in sustainable fashion make upcycling a creative new outlet for designers to make use of high quality fabrics and remixing vintage patterns into new combinations and designs.

This is not only a form of conservation that conserves the fibers, pollution and carbon dioxide that is a consequence of making new fabrics, cutting and shaping wooden objects or forging new metal items. Upcycling is a combination of thriftiness and reducing waste to make a new fashion that is guilt-free.

Upcycling is also practiced when people take parts from old vehicles and make them work together a new, efficient machines. This is being done all over the place with diesel vehicles that can run on a variety of fuels, whichever is cheaper.

Some upcycling is a matter of giving durable objects some simple repair, making them useful again for a new generation. A new industry has sprung up making custom replacement parts for items that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. This new class of tinkerers may do it full time, selling their wares at trade shows and online or just barter their repair skills for things they need or want.

Upcycling is also a great way to make use of cheaply available items, such as those you might find at a thrift store suitable for your own home. This sustainable option eliminates the waste that might otherwise make its way to the landfill. It also keeps expendable cash on hand to deal with the rising cost of everyday goods and services that have risen rapidly along with the price of petroleum.

The more creative the transformation of a an upcycled object, the more salable it typically is. This can be something as simple as using something other than canvas to do paintings upon or turning old cans into decorative candle objects.

Particularly useful transformations are also particularly in demand. One example might be taking waste barrels that are generated every day and can account for a great deal of metal or plastic waste can be turned into water conservation devices such as rain barrels that can handle the irrigation for a garden.

Another useful upcycling product might be finding a new home for something that is a waste product of a local industry. This could be as simple as taking the leftover waste from a brewery and using it in the garden or taking packing peanuts and using them to stuff homemade toys sewn from cast of fabrics.

The rise of upcycling is a creative extension of recycling. Though unlike some types of recycling that has a toxic waste byproduct, upcycled items are actually even more sustainable, saving even more energy and pollution. They are also very inexpensive ways to break into a crafting income.

Some people who've come up with particularly good ideas have even been able to quit their day jobs and make upcycling operations their sole source of income while removing objects from the waste stream that many people now recognize as being quite problematic in many ways that simply cannot continue.

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Tread lightly, leave no trace & stay sustainable 🌱🐢

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