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You'd think vegans or vegetarians are the lightest in terms of the environmental footprint? Get introduced to SLOW-FOOD parties.

Slow food is simply a good idea for many political, personal, ecological and economic reasons. And there's no need to wait for a slow food convention to have a party. Invite the neighbors over and explore some wonderful new food together, leaving plenty of room for relaxation and talk.

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4 ways of a great deal for the Environmentally Conscious to make their shopping fundamentally GREEN

Replacing wood with bamboo when it comes time to replace your old, worn-out furniture saves a great deal of carbon. Since the trees remain standing, they are able to remove excess climate-change inducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That they also provide habitat for animals and are a unique natural habitat, doesn't hurt either.

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Driving a car but its fuel is breaking the bank? save your wallet & nature with these eco-friendly tips.

Amid the r ecent spikes in gas prices are going through the roof throughout North America and the world, people are looking for ways to stretch their transportation budget. Get in and learn more about tips that will significantly reduce your gas consumption and making it gentle on your wallet as well as the nature around us.

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